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Bedouin Soundclash – Street Gospels

Posted in Albums with tags , on November 15, 2008 by franciscogomes

I’m done with classic albums, at least for now. Today, I present to you:

Bedouin Soundclash

A friend of mine introduced me this album as “the perfect album for a rainy day”. Then, a few minutes later, he said “nevermind what I said before, this album is perfect everyday”. I agree with him, even though I think it sounds better on sunny days. It’ll bring you to a good mood, definitely.

Original Release Date: August 20, 2007


  1. Until We Burn in the Sun (The Kids Just Want a Love Song)
  2. Walls Fall Down
  3. St. Andrews
  4. Trinco Dog
  5. Hush
  6. Bells of ’59
  7. Higher Ground
  8. 12:59 Lullaby
  9. Nico on the Night Train
  10. Gunships
  11. Jealousy and the Get Free
  12. Midnight Rocker
  13. Hearts in the Night