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Electric Six – Fire

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Electric Six - Fire
Electric Six is the most exciting band to come tumbling out of Detroit since Kiss. Sporting grimy leisure suits and hilarious stage names (the guitarists are known only as Surge Joebot and the Rock and Roll Indian), the ragtag group comes up with a deliriously catchy disco trash sound on its smart, hyperactive debut. Studio 54 horns mingle anxiously with AC/DC-influenced garage riffs, while frontman Dick Valentine rants maniacally over jerky, suggestive punk-funk songs like “Gay Bar” and “I’m the Bomb.” Plus, rumor suggests that single “Danger! High Voltage” features the White Stripes‘ Jack White on backing vocals and, less plausibly, Bill Clinton on saxophone. How cool is that? Very. –Aidin Vaziri

Original Release Date: May 20, 2003


  1. Dance Commander
  2. Electric Demons
  3. Naked Pictures
  4. Danger! High Voltage
  5. She’s White
  6. I Invented the Night
  7. Improper Dancing
  8. Gay Bar
  9. Nuclear War
  10. Getting Into the Jam
  11. Vengeance and Fashion
  12. I’m the Bomb
  13. Synthesizer