Pearl Jam – Binaural

Pearl Jam were my favourite band for years. I remember the very first time I bought one of their CD’s, it came in a cardboard-sleeve type of case, like all their bootlegs from that era used to be. This one in particular was ‘23.5.00, Estádio do Restelo, Lisbon, Portugal’.

Truth be told, I can’t listen to those CD’s now, not because I don’t like the band anymore (I still like them), but they were played to exhaustion, back in 2000, and they’re all scratched by now, my stereo won’t even read them.

Oh well, I think you can guess it by now, Pearl Jam hold a very sweet spot in my heart, and I guess it’ll always be that way. So, it would be unfair to not mention them in this blog.

I’m an active member in some internet messageboards, most of them related to music, and I remember this particular thread someone opened, titled ‘Pearl Jam: Yield’, and the original post read someting like this:

“I’ve never really liked Pearl Jam, but somehow Yield is one of my favorite all time albums.
Great guitar sounds. killer songs.
Anyone else dig it?”

Most of the following posts featured people saying “Oh, that one is good, but I prefer «insert random Pearl Jam album name here»”, until someone realized this:

“That’s the funny thing about Pearl Jam – ask ten different fans which album is their fav, and they’ll give you ten different answers.”

And I guess that’s really how it is about Pearl Jam. So, out of all albums, why Binaural?

Well, I chose to write about Pearl Jam today because I was listening to them (actually, Binaural is playing as I write this post), and even if I wasn’t listening to Binaural, that’d be the album I’d post here. In part because that’s the album they were promoting in that 2000 tour, but mostly because I love every single song in that album. If I had to pick my favourite Pearl Jam songs (which would be a really hard task, now that I think of it), I would have to pick at least three songs from this album. Funny thing, they’re next to each other in the album (Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Thin Air).

I could sit here all night, and keep writing about how much this band means to me, but I think you must be bored enough by now :)

Original Release Date: May 16, 2000


  1. Breakerfall
  2. God’s Dice
  3. Evacuation
  4. Light Years
  5. Nothing As it Seems
  6. Thin Air
  7. Insignificance
  8. Of the Girl
  9. Grievance
  10. Rival
  11. Sleight of Hand
  12. Soon Forget
  13. Parting Ways

2 Responses to “Pearl Jam – Binaural”

  1. David Levy Says:

    Probably my favourite, too… ”Nothing As It Seems” is an incredible song

  2. franciscogomes Says:

    It is, indeed :)

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