Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – Oh, My Girl

This one is the perfect sunday album, be it a bright, sunny afternoon, or a dull, rainy day. Well, at least for me, because sunday usually means I’m hung over. It will be your company on a lonely night as well.

I’m not the best person to describe it, as I haven’t known this one for too long, so I’ll leave it to the fans.

“You might hear echoes of Janis Joplin, a quiet Lucinda Williams, Margo Timmins and Cowboy Junkies, or Jim White. Sykes also sounds a little like Beth Orton stranded in a little western town on the prairie with nothing to eat but peyote. These are just some of the musical references, but hopefully convey the ambience of this album. Jesse Sykes has a sound that blends a bunch of different influences, ultimately making her own sound. It’s mesmerizing, intimate, intense late night music. Great CD.” – by wordmule

Original Release Date: June 8, 2004


  1. Oh, My Girl
  2. You Are Not Gotten Here
  3. Troubled Soul
  4. The Dreaming Dead
  5. Your Eyes Told
  6. Tell The Boys
  7. Birds Over Water
  8. Winter Hunter
  9. House By The Lake
  10. Grow a New Heart

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