Days of The New – Red Album

Days of the New Red

Here’s one of those albums it’s REALLY worth giving a listen to. Please make sure you don’t miss it!

Original Release Date: September 25, 2001


  1. Hang on to This
  2. Fighting W/ Clay
  3. Days in Our Life
  4. Die Born
  5. Best of Life
  6. Dirty Road
  7. Where Are You?
  8. Never Drown
  9. Words
  10. Once Again
  11. Giving In
  12. Dancing With the Wind

Some comments (found on

“Travis Meeks has only upped the ante from album #2… he has easily equalled that effort, producing one of the classiest rock efforts of this generation. Barely 22, with this, his 3rd (!) feature recording, he has proven worthy of the label “wunderkind genius”.

All the variety from Green is here, the bass/accoustic flavor from Gold is, too… and this one is much looser and cooler than either (no discount or disrespect to the previous masterful works). The symphonic flourishes multiply the resonance, the rich harmonies invoke the “eternal pause” like never before, and the (yet again) consistent lyrics will mark this as the ‘Transition’ album (Gold being the ‘Departure’, Green being the ‘Quest’).
You can just feel the satisfaction in Meeks’ mind as he presents this latest soundscape… many songs he could have closed with pop gimmicks, but left (very) well enough alone. You will -know- these songs by your second pass. If you’re tempted to open your eyelids while listening, don’t…”

– by Christopher

“Everything has been said. All I can add is that Days of the New just got better as they went along. Why they aren’t world renown comercially successful superstars I just don’t know. I say “comercially” because in my book they are superstars with or without the enormous fortune and fame. I could name dozens of bands in the same position. That doesn’t make them any less great. Especially II and then even more so is III. They are just adventures in music that you will only hear from DOTN. I can pop these discs in and I never want them to stop. Their music is complex. You will hear more every time you listen to them. It’s mature, not particularly for the kids. Perhaps there in lies the rub. Great mature music that doesn’t appeal to the preteen with all mommy and daddy’s money. Certainly that would be simplifiying. But, to a degree I believe this is what happens when you don’t sell out. When you create with integrity first, getting rich second. At least they’ve earned respect and this band will be talked about now and then for as long as rock music is being played and when the nu metal sorry ass crowd becomes a pathetic joke like disco did. Man, how I hated the radio in the 70s. I wish Mr. Meeks would find a way to continue laying down some of the highest quality rock music a person can listen to.”

– by J. Phoenix


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